You will want to hear what our customers are saying on Angie’s List. . .


►Member Comments:  “I received a quick response to my phone call.  The painter was on time and painted my entire laundry room, which is a bit challenging because of the furnace and some hard to get at places.  He did it fairly quickly, but did a nice job. The room looked terrific when he was finished.  He was so pleased with the transformation that he gave me a hug afterwards.  (I was happy, too!)”

Overall A    Price A    Quality A    Responsiveness A    Punctuality A    Professionalism A    Review Date: October 01, 2012

►Member Comments:  “Great job!  I supplied the paint.  Added covering up a red accent wall in another room at the last minute, and they were still able to complete everything on time.  Very pleased with the results.”

Overall A    Price A    Quality A    Responsiveness A    Punctuality A    Professionalism A    Review Date: September 09, 2012

►Member Comments:  “The painters arrived on time, thoroughly covered the surrounding work area (floors, furniture) before starting. The quality of their work was excellent. We have very high ceilings, which posed no problem to them. We highly recommend this company.”

Overall A    Price A    Quality A    Responsiveness A    Punctuality A    Professionalism A    Review Date: September 08, 2012

►Member Comments:  “Painter arrived on time; surveyed the job, did the job, and departed.  Note that I removed all wall plates, pictures, light fixtures, etc. before the job and redid after the job.  So the painter just had to paint.   Finished paint job was acceptable. Good.”

Overall A    Price A    Quality A    Responsiveness A    Punctuality A     Professionalism A    Review Date: August 30, 2012

►Member Comments:  “Went very well.  Painters were very friendly, conscious for keeping everything clean and did good work.  We liked them a lot.  Harvey came to the house to get them started and came back to inspect.  This was without a doubt one of our best contracted experiences.  We will hire Harvey and his team again to paint the trim on the exterior, then 2 additional rooms. I’m tough on contractors doing good work and I have no issues to complain about, only high praise.  DO HIRE Master Painters and ensure you talk with Harvey. Concerns? Please tell us!”

Overall A    Price A    Quality A    Responsiveness A    Punctuality A    Professionalism A